Does Santa Eat Ice Cream?

Does Santa Eat Ice Cream? Well, Whether you’re looking for something to do at the upcoming holidays or just in the mood for some holiday ice cream, Turkey Hill Experience has got you covered. The place is decked out for Christmas and offers nearly 30 trees and desserts to suit every taste bud. There are even classes on how to make your own ice cream. The gift shop has a wide range of Christmas themed items and you can’t leave without picking up a few sweets to go along with the goodies you’ve brought from Santa.

Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny is a quaint little holiday flick from the ’70s, featuring Jay Clark and the Pied Piper Playhouse. It’s got the obligatory sleigh, elves, and a dastardly dummy. The main storyline involves several kids trying to help Santa out with various farm animals. The fad of having a plate of food at the ready for Santa has passed, so the best bet is to leave a few items out for him.

The movie isn’t overly complex, although the plot is pretty basic. Santa is traveling across Canada, and he has an eye for a bargain. The elf at the North Pole doesn’t do much about it. The most egregious instance is when Santa fails to deliver the one liners. But he’s also not the chubby elf we’ve come to know and love. In fact, he’s a slim one, but that doesn’t stop him from giving out the occasional candy cane.

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